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Heart of Senegal

Destinations: Dakar, Pink Lake, Gorree Island, Mariama Ba, St. Louie, NDiawdoune, and Toubab Dialao

Embark on an immersive fifteen day journey to explore heart of Senegal. Forge relationships with like-minded peers and contributing to local communities in a positive, practical way. Discover the beauty of the people, their culture and traditions through community engagement, homestays, travel, and hands-on workshops. Engage with the community through field work, teach an English class and study the rich culture and heritage.

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Round trip international airfare from designated departure airport
Ground arrangements

All meals


Duration: 15 Days

Tuition: $4500 per student

Max. Group: 32 students

Housing: Family home stay

Focus: Cultural Immersion-Community Service


Gambia Voyage

Coming soon!

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Holton-Arms School


a snapshot of the experience

Global Studies

Introduction to globalization and the modern economic world system. This course explores global events, trends and issues within the context of international inequality. An emphasis is placed on perspectives on the relationship between African countries, the International Monetary fund, World Bank and first world countries.

Cultural Workshop

This musical enrichment clinic will help students become more familiar with certain African instruments. Participants will learn the meaning of different traditional musical instruments as well as the role that they play in African society.


This course is an open-ended individual research project that provides students with the opportunity to learn more about different Africans who have made a mark on our collective conscience; Africans selected for research can be athletes, politicians, academics, musicians, or other well-known personalities.

African Films

How are African films different than those made elsewhere in the world? A variety of films will be screened during the course of this class, and presentations will provide social and political context to inform participants on the significance of each film. Each screening will be followed by a debate facilitated by a special guest.

The History of Colonization in Senegal

The first major contact between Europeans and West Africans goes back to the 15th century. Over the years, Europeans became more and more attracted by the natural resources of the continent, moved deeper into the hinterland and sought to impose their political will over the region. Even though colonization ended officially in 1960, it still has various effects on the lives of modern Senegalese people. In the class, students will learn about the process, main actors, and impact of colonization in Senegal.

Religious Studies

This course concentrates on the religious diversity of Senegalese society and relations between Islam, Christianity and Animism. This course also will emphasize the role and position that religion plays in Senegalese politics and social life.

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